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Hardwood Floor Installation and Wood Floor Installers

Hardwood Floor Installation Good morning Los Angeles! Just a dose of hardwood flooring tidbits. We know here at Custom Hardwood Flooring that there's nothing like having hardwood flooring installed in your homes, to bring a different level of beauty, warmth and value. Some say that hardwood floor installation can be costly, but cost and value are not the same. When choosing to install hardwood floor in your homes there are some things you need to figure out first. Lets begin with, what's your budget? There are a wide variety of hardwood flooring to choose from depending on your set budget. It helps to know how much are you willing to invest in your homes to narrow down the type of hardwood flooring you can choose from. There's the Solid hardwood flooring. It can be the most expensive wood flooring since its made entirely of real solid wood. Installation of solid hardwood floors allows numerous times of sanding and buffing. With proper care it can last you a lifetime. It varies base on the species and hardness of the wood or its Janka rating. The type of solid hardwood installation depends on where its going to be installed and what kind of sub-flooring will it be installed on. Solid hardwood flooring can come as finished or unfininished. Finish solid hardwood flooring are ready to be installed right away. While unfinished solid hardwood flooring will be needing to be sanded, if preferred it can be stained and refinished after the installation process. This allows more level of customization on your part. Engineered hardwood flooring is next in line for the kind of wood flooring you can choose from. When choosing engineered hardwood flooring for installation, be aware of its wear layer. Wear layer is the thickness of the engineered hardwood flooring. Unlike solid hardwood flooring, engineered hardwood flooring only have a layer of real wood on top of a plank. The thickness of the wear layer determines how many times you can sand and buff your hardwood floors. It also comes finished or unfinished. There are other kinds of hardwood flooring for installation. You can also install laminate flooring, bamboo flooring or parquet. Once you know what kind of hardwood flooring fits the budget determine where and how big is the area you want your hardwood flooring installed. Normally, you can call a hardwood flooring company / contractor like us to help determine the square footage and how much wood flooring you'll need. Next, with the help of a professional hardwood floor technician determine your preferred style of installation. Do you want a regular pattern? Multi width? Herringbone or Chevron? Different types of hardwood floor installation pattern brings in different ways to make your wood floor unique and beautiful. When all of these are put into consideration, its important that the installation process is done professionally and correctly the first time. In this way you ensure that you protected your investment. Imagine spending hard earned money towards buying the wood flooring only to be ruined by wrong hardwood floor installation? Make sure that the hardwood floor installer considered and observed moisture level, acclamation, your day to day life style, your personal preference of style and quality of materials he used such as finishes, sealers and glue. Hardwood floor #installation can be a daunting project but being well informed and working with a licensed experienced and caring hardwood floor installer should make the experience pleasant and satisfying. #hardwood #hardwoodfloorinstallation #losangeles #installer #floor

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