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Refinishing Hardwood Floors

Refinishing hardwood floors is one of the most popular way to revive your old wood flooring. When done professionally, it offers such a dramatic reward for a relatively small investment of your time and money. Scratches and the uneven wear on hardwood floors generally can be resolve starting off with proper sanding or buffing and application of quality polyurethane finish. An experienced hardwood floor technician could offer you their sound and expert opinion as to how to properly prepare for this type of hardwood flooring project.

Sanding Wood Flooring


If the scratches, existing stain, or imperfections of your hardwood flooring are deep and  severe, sanding the floor is recommeneded before application of a finish could be done. This process requires expert know how on how to operate a drum sander and edger. The right kind of grit should be professionally determined so to ensure a high quality result. Sanding hardwood floor will remove all existing finish and expose the bare wood of your flooring prepping it up for staining and refinishing.  Sanding can produce dust during the course of the job. Consult your hardwod flooring contractor as to what are their standard procedure in making sure that dust is contained and their clean up process.... Read More About Sanding Wood Flooring

Buffing or Polishing Hardwood Floor


For light wear and tear of your hardwood floor, buffing or polishing should do the trick. In comparison to sanding; buffing or polishing your hardwood floor does not remove the finish. It will however smoothen the light scratches. This will help bring back the luster of your hardwood floor and is a good way to maintain your wood flooring so that it retains its beauty. An ultra fine sandpaper is recommended to achieve good results followed by the application of atleast one coat of polyurethane... Read More About Buffing or Polishing Hardwood Floor 

Refinishing Hardwood Floors


Once the wood floor had properly prepped, re-applying the finish is done. With the help of a liscensed professionally trained hardwood flooring technician determine what kind of finish do you prefer. Would you like a water base finish? Oil base finish? Whatever the case maybe, make sure that you are offered the best quality materials of sealer and polyurethane finish. Also determine how many coats will be applied to your floor. This ensures the durability of the finish and how long will your floor keep its newly restored beauty and luster... Read More About Refinishing Hardwod Floors

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