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A business built on our commitment to provide quality and professional results, Custom Hardwood Flooring of Beverly Hills ensures that you get your moneys worth. Through the years we carried a long list of satisfied clienteles and had partnered with various homeowners, designers and general contractors. We are a licensed bonded and insured hardwood flooring contractor who's No. 1 priority is your satisfaction.



Our Services Includes:

  • Hardwood Floor Installation on Residential Properties.

  • Refinishing Wood Flooring

  • Custom Staining

  • Sanding, Polishing / Buffing

  • Professional hardwood floor repairs and restoration.

  • Installation and Refinishing of Hardwood Stair threads and casing

  • Water Damaged Wood Floor Restoration

  • Installation of Commercial Grade Hardwood Floor

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Hardwood Flooring of Beverly Hills Received the 2014 Best Businesses of Beverly Hills Award in the Wood Flooring Category

Hardwood Flooring Beverly Hills Appreciates the Award You've Given Us. Thank You!

Hardwood floors add a timeless look to any home. There are many remodeling and renovation upgrades that can add a lot of beauty, value, and elegance to a home, but few have as big of an effect as installing hardwood flooring. Adding a new, hardwood floor can change the entire look of a room and often times serves as the focal point in how the home is designed. There are many choices on the market in terms of color, design, and quality meaning that there will be one to fit almost any homes’ interior décor. They are also easily customized. The price points also cover a wide range, meaning that there is a hardwood flooring option for every budget, too!



Advantages Over Other Flooring Materials

Beyond being aesthetically pleasing, hardwood floors also have numerous advantages over other materials like carpeting and linoleum. Hardwood is well known for its’ durability. If they are properly cared for, hardwood floors can last for over one hundred years. This type of flooring also holds up well to heavy foot traffic, pets, and children.


Since this type of flooring lasts for such a long time, it never needs to be replaced if it is cared for properly. This saves the homeowner money in the long run, as they do not have to pay to replace it with new materials. Hardwood flooring is also very popular on the real estate market. If the homeowner were to sell the home, the hardwood flooring would add to the property’s value. Hardwood flooring is also more environmentally friendly than most other kinds of flooring, since it comes from a renewable resource. Most manufacturers retrieve their wood from forests specifically managed to ensure continued resource growth in the future. The United States Forest Service statistics show that twice as much hardwood timber is added each year than the amount that is harvested.


Another great thing about hardwood flooring is that it is easy to clean and repair in comparison to carpet, tile, and linoleum. It requires very little daily upkeep. Dust and dirt do not get trapped on hardwood floors like they do in carpeting. This makes them great for homes where the residents have allergies to dust, pollen, and animal dander. They only require a weekly mopping or vacuuming to keep them clean. It is even recommended by the American Lung Association to improve indoor air quality!

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