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Hardwood Floor Sanding and Refinishing
Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Refinishing hardwood floors is one of the most popular way to revive your old wood flooring. When done professionally, it offers such a dramatic reward for a relatively small investment of your time and money. Scratches and the uneven wear on hardwood floors generally can be resolve starting off with proper sanding or buffing and application of quality polyurethane finish. An experienced hardwood floor technician could offer you their sound and expert opinion as to how to properly prepare for this type of hardwood flooring project.

Hardwood Floor Installation

Thinking of INSTALLING hardwood flooring for your house? Hardwood floors add charm, class and comfort to the atmosphere of your home, and they also increase its value. Hardwood is available in endless amounts of variations too! We’ll talk about engineered hardwood flooring, general information about hardwood flooring, both finished and unfinished and the quality of hardwood flooring grades so you can figure out all that you should know about hardwood floors before you go ahead and install them throughout your home.

Custom Stain Coloring of Wood Floor 

The process of custom staining your hardwood floors starts with a good understanding of what the client want. Stain mixtures will be made base on the details that is provided to the hardwood flooring service provider. He/She should be able to come up with the the stain color while considering the unique way different wood specie absorbs the stain or how the type of finish coat affects the shade or color that he/she is trying to achieve for the customer.

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