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Sanding and Staining Hardwood Floors - Refinishing

Stains makes your hardwood floor look bad. Removing it can be a simple process or a lengthy one that involves sanding and refinishing the entire floor. To determine how to remove the stain, factors like the condition of the floor, the nature of the stain and the length of time the stain has been on the hardwood floor should be considered.


1. Assess the condition of your floor. If your hardwood floor is new and is sealed well, the stain may be only on the surface and hasn’t reached the wood. In this case, chemical removal should work. If your hardwood floors are older and the seal has worn off or down, you might need to strip and sand the floors for stain removal, and then refinish and seal them.

2. Determine the nature of the stain. Choose a cleaning product that works best with the stain on the hardwood. If the stain was caused by alcohol, candy or other non-greasy foods, fruit, ink, lipstick, nail polish or shoe polish, mix a few drops of a mild dish detergent into a bucket of warm water. Rub the stain with a soft cloth wet with the solution.

3. Use cold water, or cold water mixed with a little ammonia, to remove a stains caused by blood, grease or iodine. Rub the stain with a soft cloth dampened with the cold water or the ammonia and water mix. If this does not remove the stain, saturate the cloth, spread it out on top of the stain and let it sit until the stain vanishes.

4. Eliminate urine stains on hardwood floors. Scrub with a cloth wet soaked in hot water and some scouring powder if the stain is fresh. If the urine stain is old, mix liquid bleach in with your hot water. Use 1 part bleach to 10 parts hot water. Rinse the area with clear bleach after the stains are removed.

When all fails, call a professional hardwood floor specialist who is experienced in sanding and refinishing hardwood floors. In this way you are assured that the stains from your hardwood floor will be removed and the beauty of your floor will be restored. A good and professional hardwood floor repairs are very hard to come by. You must research on the credibility and know how of the hardwood flooring company you are hiring. It is also equally important that they are a licensed contractor and comes with a good clientele recommendation. Schedule an appointment with their technician so they can give you a professional assessment of your floor.

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